IN PICTURES: What to expect from Apple’s new iPhone range

Apple officially released the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to the world this morning. But what should we expect to see from Cupertino’s new smartphone range?

  • 3D Touch Billed as the “next generation of multi-touch”, for the first time the iPhone will sense how much pressure you apply to the display, responding to subtle taps and acting accordingly. Alongside common features such as tap, swipe and pinch, Apple’s new Peek and Pop feature will allow users to preview content without having to open the application. The gist? A light press on in your inbox will highlight the email without opening the message, with a deeper press then allowing users to “pop into it”, as Apple puts it. But it’s not only email where 3D Touch excels, the feature allows users to “peek” at website content without actually clicking on the link. Then of course, by pressing a little deeper, users can “pop into it”.

  • Design Made with the strongest alloy ever used in an iPhone, 7000 Series aluminium coats the new devices, offering Retina HD displays made from robust cover glass, which Apple claims is the “strongest on any smartphone in the world.” Available in four new finishes, users can pick from golf, silver, space grey and the new rose gold. Size wise, the iPhone 6S measures a 4.7” screen at 1334x750 resolution, while the iPhone 6S Plus comes in at 5.5” with a 1920x1080 resolution.

  • A9 - Tech Chip Designed to bring better levels of performance to both devices, the A9 chip carries the same capability of gaming console-class graphics, in a bid to improve apps and game using experience. The A9 chip is Apple’s third-generation chip with 64-bit architecture, improving overall CPU performance by up to 70 percent compared to the previous generation. In addition, the chip boosts graphics performance by up to 90 percent compared to the previous generation.

  • Cameras Apple’s new iSight camera captures 12-megapixel still photos - alongside new sensors, new image processors and advanced pixel technology to better capture photographic detail. In addition to camera advancements, the new iPhone also boasts 4K videos, allowing users to shoot content, create movies in the new iMovie for iOS app and post to YouTube at 4K resolution. The ability to edit two streams of 4K video to create effects like picture‑in‑picture and split screen is also available as well as favourites time lapse and slow motion.

  • Apple Pay Apple Pay can now can be used to make purchases with credit cards, which now includes Discover. Users can also access Wallet by double-clicking the Home button when the iPhone is locked. In the future, Apple says users will be able to use store credit cards and add rewards cards to and receive and redeem rewards.

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    iOS 9 The newly released iOS 9 is packed with all the essential apps and features that are commonly associated with the iPhone. For example, with the Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, every photo taken will now be available on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac and on, ready to edit and share.

  • Security Using a highly advanced fingerprint sensor, Touch ID now lets users to utilise Apple Pay at over a million stores and within participating apps. Possessing highly sophisticated algorithms to recognise and securely match fingerprints, the Touch ID sensor detects fingerprints significantly faster than the previous generation. Also, security and privacy are fundamental to its design through iOS 9. In addition to the enhanced fingerprint security of Touch ID, the default passcode length is now six digits instead of four. With one million possible combinations instead of 10,000, users passcodes will be even stronger.

  • Siri Now Siri can search a wider range of topics for a wider range of answers. It understands what users say more accurately and delivers results faster. Traditionally, Siri has been a helpful assistant but now it possesses the technology that powers Search on iPhone and iPad.

  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

  • Accessories As with all iPhone launches, the devices come with a variety of accessories. They include leather cases coming in Black, Saddle Brown, Rose Gray, Brown and Midnight Blue. Also, Apple has unveiled new iPhone Lightning Dock stands, protective case screens, Beats Headphones and Photo Lens.

  • Upgrade Program While not necessarily a feature, the iPhone Upgrade Program offers a direct route to Apple's new iPhone every year, and the security and protection of AppleCare+.

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