IN PICTURES: Connect Expo 2016 Melbourne Part 1 (+23 Photos)

The Melbourne Exhibition Centre played host to the Connect Expo 2016 where vendors and integrators from around the country gathered to show of the best in connected technology from IoT sensors to drones and robotics. Photos by Chris Player who traveled to the event as a guest of Intel.

  • Intel's Kate Burleigh and Dave Mellers welcoming attendees to the Expo

  • Intel's new core vPro chips featured in Apple and HP devices demonstrating the new Unite conferencing system

  • More devices featuring the new core vPro chips

  • Intel's new safe USB solution for the SMB market is baked into the hardware and allows business owners to authorise or deny the use of specific USB sticks to combat employee fraud

  • Intel's smart traffic technology used for calculating congestion charges and park and ride discounts

  • More devices featuring the new core vPro chipset for business

  • PC World's Nick Ross getting scanned for a 3D etching

  • Configuring a 3D rendering before the etching process begins

  • 3D etching in progress

  • 3D etching in progress

  • The finished products

  • Megaport staff demonstrating the company's elastic connect technology

  • Megaport's retro gaming station

  • The NetApp booth where the vendor showed off its new offerings resulting from its acquisition of Solidfire

  • The ServiceNow booth was an early hit on the first day due to some nice goodies the vendor had to give away

  • IBM's Digital Kitchen

  • Integrator building blocks from HSD Victoria

  • NetComm Wireless had a big focus on security and connectivity

  • M2M Wireless technology

  • Centrify continued its message of unified identity management with VP of product strategy, David McNeely, APAC chief, Niall King and A/NZ Country Manager Lachlan McKenzie

  • Braetec showed off some of its rugged technology

  • Arrow Electronics had quite a few visitors no doubt interested in checking out the company after its DC acquisition

  • The connected bus

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