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News about AWS

  • IN PICTURES: ARN Cloud Services Roundtable

    The latest ARN Roundtable was held at Sydney's est. and drew a group of ICT industry executives to discuss the role of the Channel in guiding customers in their adoption of Cloud technologies in 2013 and beyond. Attendees considered the challenges surrounding the differing cloud models, some of the unique applications of Cloud in the marketplace, discussions concerning the quality (and cost) of Australia's telecommunications infrastructure, data sovereignty (and security) and whether Cloud is being over-hyped, and perhaps over sold, in this still immature market. Photographs by Ian Sharp.

  • 5 ways to optimize cloud usage

    Designing and optimizing an IT environment that responds to demand in real time is one of the biggest challenges facing cloud users given the spikes and troughs in typical requirements. At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas we met with users from a range of companies and listened to their concerns about usage and identified five main takeaways.

  • Is the Cloud the right place for your data warehouse?

    The single biggest news coming from Amazon Web Service's first user conference recently was the launch of the company's newest service, Redshift, a Cloud-based data warehouse tool. And it prompts the question: Is the Cloud the right place for data warehousing?

  • Amazon: Our cloud powered Obama's campaign

    Amazon says its market-leading cloud platform housed more than 200 custom-built applications for President Obama's re-election campaign, resulting in a temporary IT deployment that rivals the scope and complexity of IT services at the largest enterprises.

  • Amazon cites cause of recent outage, issues refunds

    An unexpected bug cropped up after new hardware was installed in one of Amazon Web Service's Northern Virginia data centers, which caused the more than 12-hour outage last week that brought down popular sites such as Reddit, Imgur, AirBNB and's Heroku platform, according to a postmortem issued by Amazon.

  • Amazon drops Cloud prices, again

    Amazon Web Services, fresh off an outage that brought down big-name sites such as Reddit and Imgur, today announced an 18 per cent price reduction for its virtual machines

  • Amazon outage started small, snowballed into 12-hour event

    Amazon Web Services has almost fully recovered from a more than 12-hour event that appears to have started by only impacting a small number of customers but quickly snowballed into a larger issue that took down major sites including Reddit, Imgur and others yesterday.

  • Verizon devours more spectrum with Cox deal

    While AT&amp;T's attempts to acquire T-Mobile are stuck in limbo, rival Verizon has been quietly gobbling up spectrum from cable companies like Cox Communications, which today sold Verizon $315 million in licenses for 20MHz of its Advanced <a href="">Wireless</a> Services (AWS) spectrum.