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News about Facebook

  • 10 web brands account for half all internet time

    The top 10 web brands are getting stronger, despite the proliferation of new sites and services. The 10 web brands on which Britons spend the most time accounted for nearly half of all UK internet time - compared to less than 42 percent a year ago.

  • Watching the Watchmen on Facebook

    The Watchmen Director's Cut is coming to Blu-ray in late July and will include a feature that allows you to sync your BD-Live buddies and Facebook friends into one list. This means you can use Warner Home Video's live community screening feature (LCS) to simultaneously view the Watchmen with your Facebook friends, no matter where they are located and share comments about the movie within Facebook, according toThe Hollywood Reporter. The catch is everyone who wants to participate in LCS has to own a copy of the Blu-ray disc and have a BD-Live-enabled player with a broadband connection.

  • Facebook boots holocaust denial groups

    Facebook has removed two Holocaust denial groups claiming they violated Facebook's Terms of Service by promoting hate. The two groups in question, "Holocaust is a Holohoax" and "Based on the facts...there was no Holocaust," were removed from the site because messages from members posted on the group's Walls were found to be promoting hate speech.

  • Virtual goods marketplace leading to revenue within Facebook

    Facebook could see a record US$500 million in revenue this year, fueled by a market of virtual goods, where users are willing to pay for points to buy things like imaginary flowers, food for their online pets and virtual poker chips they will never be able to cash out.

  • The Social Networking Compendium - Part 7 (Wikipedia)

    Now here’s a controversial one. Wikipedia is a very simple concept – build a massive encyclopaedia using the combined knowledge of everyone who is connected to it through the Internet. If you, as a user, know something, you can edit an article on Wikipedia to spread that knowledge to the rest of the world.

  • The Social Networking Compendium - Part 4 (MySpace)

    These days MySpace is a bit like that older uncle we all have that never managed to grow up. Populated with juvenile Internet plagues like Corey Worthington, MySpace has a relentless image of being teen-friendly while offering the big middle finger for everyone else.