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Interviews about NBN

  • ISP Q&A: M2 Telecommunications on NBN and Commander

    In just one decade, M2 Telecommunications has grown from a humble communications equipment manufacturing company to a $400 million business. With its purchase of some of Commander’s assets in June, the company has also become a major player in the ICT channel. M2 CEO, Vaughan Bowen, talks to ARN about the NBN, reseller opportunities and why it pays to be niche.

  • ISP Q&A: Internet filter trial participant, Highway 1

    The Federal Government’s Internet filter trial was rife with controversy and as an ISP participant, Highway 1 was right in the thick of it. With the trial now over, Highway 1 general manager, Nicholas Power, spoke to ARN about the ISP’s current stance on an Internet clean feed, his 2010 predictions and the company’s opportunity for resellers.

  • ISP Q&A series: TransACT's joint venture

    TransACT and ActeWAGL joined forces four years ago to form Grapevine, an ISP that originally serviced Canberra customers. Since then, it has expanded to encompass the whole of Australia. We talk to the joint venture about the NBN and whether ISPs should be held accountable for users' actions.

  • Q&A: Family First Senator, Steve Fielding, on content filtering

    Leader of the Family First party, Senator Steve Fielding, is one of several key independents the Government needs to pass policies in the Senate. His party is also a supporter of mandatory Internet content filtering. ARN asked him about ISP filtering, Telstra separations and his recent efforts to bring call centres back onshore.

  • ISP Q&A: Pacnet

    Asia-Pacific long been recognised as region with strong commercial growth in many sectors including the Internet services industry. ARN caught up with Pacnet Australia CEO, Deborah Homewood, to talk about her company’s focus on Asia, opportunities for resellers and the NBN.

  • Q&A with The Greens' Senator Scott Ludlam

    The Greens party helps hold the balance of power in the Senate and WA Senator, Scott Ludlam, is its technology spokesperson. ARN spoke to Senator Ludlam about his opposition to ISP filtering, his support for a speedy Telstra separation and his ‘pass’ mark for Minister Conroy.

  • Q&A with Senator Nick Minchin

    South Australian Senator Nick Minchin has the job of representing the Liberal party on all things tech-related. ARN caught up with him to discuss about the importance of the ISP filtering trials, his reluctance to roll-back Labor party changes and his preference for Conroy as Communications Minister.