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  • Security alert: Twitter porn names scam

    The "Twitter porn names" game, currently Twitter's top-trending topic (things that are twittered the most), may be a fun distraction that gives you and your friends something to tweet about. But it also has a security hole -- one that is no technical snafu. It could be simple human error, but it's also possible that this security hole is an example of truly sneaky social engineering.

  • Twitter: We're Not for Sale

    Forget all those rumors about Apple, Google, Microsoft or anyone else buying Twitter: The company's bosses say Twitter is not for sale. On Wednesday Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams were on ABC's The View as part of Twitter's current media campaign that has also included appearances on Oprah and The Colbert Report. Responding to a question from Barbara Walters about the rumors surrounding an imminent purchase of Twitter by a larger tech company, Stone responded with an unequivocal, "No. We are not for sale."

  • The Social Networking Compendium - Part 7 (Wikipedia)

    Now here’s a controversial one. Wikipedia is a very simple concept – build a massive encyclopaedia using the combined knowledge of everyone who is connected to it through the Internet. If you, as a user, know something, you can edit an article on Wikipedia to spread that knowledge to the rest of the world.

  • 'Apple to buy Twitter' rumours rubbished

    Internet hype suggests that Apple is in talks to buy micro-blogging site Twitter for US$700m, but industry watchers are quickly moving to quash the rumours. Neither Apple nor Twitter have commented on the stories, which appear to come from a single source 'close to Apple'.

  • Apple-Twitter Deal: Just a Rumor?

    What happens when two super-hyped tech companies collide in the rumor mill? You get a Tweetintosh. That's right folks, the rumor mongers are saying that Apple is in late stage talks to acquire Twitter for as much as $700 million. The Mac maker is reportedly hoping to have a deal in place with Twitter by June 8 in time for Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

  • The Social Networking Compendium - Part 4 (MySpace)

    These days MySpace is a bit like that older uncle we all have that never managed to grow up. Populated with juvenile Internet plagues like Corey Worthington, MySpace has a relentless image of being teen-friendly while offering the big middle finger for everyone else.