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Modernizing Security for the Small and Mid-Sized Business – Recommendations for 2013
By Aberdeen Group | 19/8/2013

As small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) take advantage of the compelling benefits of the transformations in their IT computing infrastructure – and struggle at times with the additional complexities that come along with it – they should also re-think how they deal with the corresponding vulnerabilities, threats and risks. SMBs relying solely on traditional signature-based approaches (i.e., anti-virus and firewalls) were actually found to be spending 1.5-times more on endpoint security and 4-times more on network security than companies adopting a more comprehensive, defense-in-depth approach. Specifically, email security, web security and secure file sharing should be considered foundational security capabilities for every small and mid-sized business, in addition to anti-virus and firewalls.

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