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OKI Australia SME Business Efficiency Report 2016
By OKI | 8/2/2017

SMEs are the backbone of the Australian economy with more than 2 million small businesses representing over 95% of actively trading businesses and employing around 70% of the Australian workforce. The purpose of the OKI SME Business Efficiency Report 2016 is to identify how technology is being taken up by these Australian SMEs to increase their business efficiency.

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SME Business Efficiency Report
By OKI | 2/5/2016

The cost of doing business in Australia is high. For example, in the recent Relative Costs of Doing Business in Australia: Retail Trade report, it was found that retailers, as Australia’s largest employer, were finding it much more expensive to do business here than in places such as the US and UK

This whitepaper is based on a comprehensive July 2015 survey OKI conducted with 500 of its business customers across Australia that dealt with the question “Are Australian SMEs Run Efficiently?"

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