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What partners need to be successful and profitable in the Cloud - WHITEPAPER
By Distribution Central | 12/5/2015

Cloud has emerged as one of the most talked about, hypothesised and hyped-up technologies in recent years. It is early in its maturity cycle but is fast becoming one of the most transformational technologies we have seen in the past 30 years. But how do channel partners live beyond the hype and use cloud to transform their own organisations? This whitepaper outlines what a partner needs to be successful and profitable in the cloud market and how distribution is the logical integration point in the digital value chain.

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The modern sales cycle revolutionised. How Distribution Central's LEEP Program is helping partners land deals
By Distribution Central | 1/4/2015

LEEP™ is an exciting new partner program from Distribution Central, designed to provide partners with systems, tools, products and programs to ensure excellent customer engagement. LEEP helps partners take on a consultative role to deliver relevant business propositions to solve customers’ contemporary business problems. This whitepaper explains how Distribution Central® has revolutionised the modern sales cycle based on the four emerging trends in the IT industry.

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