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AvePoint’s Ultimate Office 365 Backup Handbook for MSPs
By AvePoint | 29/6/2022

When data loss occur, companies report losing an average of 2.36 TB of information, and the financial drain can be compounded with legal or regulatory fees.

Questions to ask yourself/your organisation: Are your clients protected against rogue employees, user errors, or malicious ransomware? Are you up to speed on the latest Microsoft SLAs for native data retention? And can you easily respond to end-user restore requests?

There are a variety of things that should be accounted for and checked off when designing an effective data protection strategy for your Office 365 clients.

This handy guide provides the latest insights and best practices so you can give your clients confidence in their cloud and drive more recurring revenue for Office 365!

Topics covered:

- State of Data Loss

- How data is lost

- Data Management and 0365

- How AvePoint and 0365 help protect your data

- Case Study

- Licensing options

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