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Grow your MSP business with Malwarebytes
By Malwarebytes | 5/7/2021

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are adapting to evolving customer needs. As the threat landscape expands, many are hard pressed to urgently respond to threats, while increasing satisfaction and reducing churn.

Malwarebytes VP of Worldwide MSP and Channel Operations, Mike LaPeters, and Senior Product Marketing Manager, Josh Pederson, provide actionable insight to balance your workload and enable predictable monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

With infection rates and the costs of remediation on the rise, MSPs need sophisticated cybersecurity solutions to keep customers safe. To avoid customer churn, lost deals, and unpredictable MRR, Malwarebytes experts recommend focusing on four key areas of business to: 1. Security training 2. Flexible endpoint security solutions 3. Efficiency 4. Services

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MSPs: The 5 essentials from your endpoint security partner
By Malwarebytes | 5/7/2021

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are an important part of the IT environment, providing the knowledge and the trusted partnerships that enable organizations of all sizes to embrace innovations made available by our era of digital transformation.

When it comes to managing cybersecurity, safeguarding client endpoints is a critical piece of the MSP service offering. MSPs should have an endpoint security vendor that helps them overcome common issues that can cut into profits and lead to client churn.

Your selected endpoint security vendor should ensure that you can streamline your client deployments, simplify your ability to prioritize your response efforts, and manage your clients at scale. Ultimately, your vendor should optimize the efficiency of your time and efforts so that you can continue to grow your business and maximize revenue.

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