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By Autotask | 23/1/2014

If you're not already surveying your clients for feedback on your services, start now. The better you understand the sales funnel, the more accurate your revenue projections will be.

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By Symantec | 14/7/2015

The 2015 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) provides an overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity. It is compiled using data from the Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network, which our global cybersecurity experts use to identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in the threat landscape.

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2019 Buyers Guide - Collaborative Solutions to Create the Workplace of the Future, Today
By Poly | 26/11/2019

Meet face to face wherever you are. Collaborate at your desk or on the road. Boost productivity by giving your workforce the flexibility to collaborate in high definition audio, video and content with anyone. From any personal device, from any location.

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3 ways to help your customers rightsize the cloud
By APC by Schneider Electric | 9/5/2014

Some businesses think they’re above it all when they go to the cloud. Of course peace of mind is a big reason to outsource IT, but your customers can’t simply sign up with Gmail™ and Dropbox and call it a day. What happens if their internet connection fails? If they want genuine peace of mind, they need to secure their network connectivity. After all, their network is now their lifeline to their business in the cloud. Here’s the three-step cloud offer that provides peace of mind to your customers, and a new revenue stream for you:

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5 Cyberthreats that Slip Past Traditional Antivirus
By SolarWinds MSP | 17/7/2020

Many traditional antivirus (AV) programs operate on signatures—as malicious software is discovered, a signature describing the file is generated, added to a database, then the database gets pushed out to the customer base.

Signature-based AV solutions can have a hard time keeping up with this volume, often leaving devices vulnerable. Over time, we have seen the rise of new defenses; however, each defense triggers a corresponding change in tactics from the bad guys. These changes include malware designed not just to exploit vulnerabilities, but to outwit an AV’s defenses. Here are 5 types of attacks that slip past traditional antivirus.

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5 important reasons you should partner with APC by Schneider Electric
By APC by Schneider Electric | 9/5/2014

Your company’s objective is profit, and we want to help you achieve your financial goals. Partnering with APC by Schneider Electric™ unites you with a global leader in the rapidly developing field of energy management and positions you to take advantage of many valuable opportunities to profitably grow your sales and service offerings, while solving today’s most critical customer energy efficiency problems.

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5 Ways Service Providers Profit with Veeam Backup
By Veeam | 14/3/2022

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who offer modern backup and disaster recovery services not only give clients peace of mind, they also establish long-term relationships built on trust. Learn how to deliver data protection services that are flexible, efficient, automated and profitable — without having to custom build each stack.

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5 Ways to Answer Customer Demand with Veeam
By Veeam | 4/3/2022

"In today’s highly competitive market, your customers are looking for the vendor that makes them feel their data is perfectly safe and protected, while also making their life easier.

Download this e-book and find out how Veeam can help you approach your customers’ needs to create and expand customer demand. Read more about:

- How to offer a trusted solution that can ease concerns of growing threats to data security. - How to offer the flexibility that your customers expect. - How to become your customers’ trusted advisor on backup and data management. - How to leverage the power of the ProPartner Network to expand your customer base."

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5 Ways You Can Capitalize on Tomorrow’s IT Spaces, TODAY
By APC by Schneider Electric | 9/5/2014

You might have noticed today’s IT world is changing fast, and that your customers have different needs. But don’t worry — with the right approach, you can work through these challenges to secure revenue streams for years to come. This e-book outlines five ways for you to capitalize on the IT spaces of the future, today.

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6 Critical Reasons for Office 365 Backup: The case for why organizations need to protect Office 365 data
By Veeam | 18/8/2020

Download this report to explore the hazards of not having an Office 365 backup in your arsenal, and why backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 fill the gap of long-term retention and data protection.

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