Stories by Jaikumar Vijayan

  • IBM: System i can offer false security sense

    A lack of adequate internal controls can compromise the otherwise solid security offered by IBM's vaunted System i platform, according to a recent study by The PowerTech Group in Washington. The study, based on an audit of 188 System i computers at 177 sites over the past year, showed that a majority of users surveyed failed to properly restrict access to the data contained in the systems. Ian Jarman, product manager for the System i at IBM, talked about the findings in an interview.

  • Microsoft exec defends Vista kernel stance

    Symantec and McAfee say that a Microsoft technology called Patch Guard -- which blocks access to the 64-bit Vista kernel -- will make it harder for third-party security vendors to deliver certain features in their products.

  • Microsoft exec gives his company a B+ on security

    Since Microsoft launched its Trustworthy Computing (TWC) initiative in January 2002, the company has substantially improved the overall security of its products, a company executive said Wednesday at The Security Standard conference being held in Boston.

  • Microsoft ups security in Vista

    A Microsoft official said last week that encryption and policy-control functions being built into Windows Vista are designed to make it easier for corporate users to protect themselves against data compromise.

  • Microsoft touts Vista security features

    New encryption and policy control functions being built into Microsoft's Vista operating system will help make it easier for enterprises to protect against data compromises such as the one involving the Department of Veterans Affairs publicized earlier this week, a company executive said Wednesday.

  • Blue Security waves white flag

    Anti-spam firm Blue Security Tuesday said that it is ceasing operations after a crippling series of attacks launched against its services earlier this month by a Russian spammer named PharmaMaster.

  • AirMagnet boosts WLAN software security

    Wireless LAN maker AirMagnet has released an upgraded version of its enterprise platform that offers new security features, as well as performance monitoring and event analysis capabilities.