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What is AIOps for Monitoring?
By LogicMonitor | 8/7/2021

In this book, we will look past the hype, and take a closer look at what AIOps actually is—and what it can help you achieve. First, we’ll explore why AIOps is necessary. We’ll talk about how environments, and the teams that manage them, have evolved in an increasingly multi-cloud world. We’ll explore how observability of the infrastructure is fundamental for helping IT organizations work more proactively and strategically.

Next, we’ll present a basic definition of AIOps, and its ability to apply an automated early warning system to discover potential issues and provide the context you need to take action. By knowing what is happening, where it is happening, and why it is happening, you can solve problems faster, deliver the best possible service quality, and stay focused on driving digital transformation. This is a fundamental first step toward a failure prevention system, or automated remediation.

Finally, we will talk about the primary steps involved in creating your own AIOps initiative. We’ll take a closer look at how AIOps helps organizations bring together big data from across the technology stack, surface only the most relevant issues, and apply advanced algorithms to deliver more meaningful alerts. Our book will conclude with an overview of some key best practices you can apply to implement the most effective AIOps solution, and realize the best return on your investment.

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