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Data Protection as a Service for 2022
By Veeam | 11/8/2022

1,050 organizations that currently or plan to use cloud-powered data protection services were surveyed to understand the drivers and considerations to using BaaS and DRaaS today and what role service providers play to support. · 77% of organizations expect to use the cloud as part of their data protection strategy by 2023. · 46% of organizations looking for BaaS are seeking cloud-hosted backup server services. Download the Data Protection as a Service for 2022 Executive Brief to learn more.

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The Customer‑Centric Guide to Selling Backup For resellers and distributors
By Veeam | 11/8/2022

How to Speak to Your Customers’ Needs

Are all backup and data management needs the same? While most customers have the same top priorities — protection, simplicity and reliability — each customer has their own unique set of circumstances. How can you determine the best approach for each of your customers? Download this IDC workbook, created specifically for resellers and distributors who want to understand and address their customers’ needs, and explore:

- The most common backup pain‑points suffered by IT organizations. - How to address these pain‑points and position your solutions. - A checklist of questions to identify and qualify an opportunity.

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Charting the Future of Hybrid Work in Australia and New Zealand
By GoTo | 10/8/2022

Organisations in Australia and New Zealand responded swiftly and decisively when pandemic-prompted lockdowns prevented people from coming into the office. By and large, where possible, businesses leveraged technology to enable a remote workforce.

Now, the idea of a hybrid workplace has not only taken hold, but it has also quickly become the new benchmark against which organisations are proving themselves in their quest to find and retain talent, compete against their peers, and keep up with the ever-increasing pace of change.

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AvePoint’s Ultimate Office 365 Backup Handbook for MSPs
By AvePoint | 29/6/2022

When data loss occur, companies report losing an average of 2.36 TB of information, and the financial drain can be compounded with legal or regulatory fees.

Questions to ask yourself/your organisation: Are your clients protected against rogue employees, user errors, or malicious ransomware? Are you up to speed on the latest Microsoft SLAs for native data retention? And can you easily respond to end-user restore requests?

There are a variety of things that should be accounted for and checked off when designing an effective data protection strategy for your Office 365 clients.

This handy guide provides the latest insights and best practices so you can give your clients confidence in their cloud and drive more recurring revenue for Office 365!

Topics covered:

- State of Data Loss

- How data is lost

- Data Management and 0365

- How AvePoint and 0365 help protect your data

- Case Study

- Licensing options

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Why It’s Critical for Businesses to Implement a Cyber Resilience Framework
By Carbonite | 8/6/2022

Phishing attacks ramped up to historic levels at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that it’s been two years since these highs, IDG checked in with 300 IT executives across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region to learn their current levels of concern about phishing.

They found 93% of executives were still concerned about phishing, with 61% highly concerned. It’s no wonder – companies reported an average of 18 attacks each in the past 12 months.

And victims of phishing cited serious consequences:

• 37% suffered downtime lasting longer than a day

• 32% experienced lost productivity

• 19% had to pay legal or regulatory fines

Together, IDG and OpenText share successful strategies for defending against these kinds of attacks. Download the full report to read their insights and recommendations for protecting against phishing as well as other kinds of cyberattacks.

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7 Reasons Every Business Needs SaaS Backup
By Carbonite | 8/6/2022

7 Reasons Every Business Needs SaaS Backup

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From Buying to Build-out Guide for SAT
By Carbonite | 31/5/2022

Mastering Security Awareness Training from Buy-in to Build-out

Webroot Security Awareness Training was designed to be such a program, helping busy IT professionals improve user behavior with respect to email and all types of digital security and with compliance. Continuous training is proven to rapidly reduce click rates on phishing emails by 64% or more. But the benefits of Webroot® Security Awareness Training extend far beyond click-rates to help encourage a security-conscious cyber-aware culture.

For example, we’ve seen customers using our training encounter 20% less malware than those employing our business endpoint protection solution alone. In addition to powerful phishing simulations, our training provides a wide and growing range of courses that address topics including password hygiene, physical security and compliance issues. Together these features help to shape overall security behavior, making organizations safer from data loss and cybercrime.

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Is Your Data Center Protection Strategy Putting Your Business at Risk? Five Misperceptions You Want to Avoid
By Veeam | 28/4/2022

"Artificial intelligence, big data analytics the internet of things. Chances are that your organization has already invested a lot of time and resources into these initiatives. How are you protecting the growing data pools that fuel them?

Read this Frost & Sullivan white paper to learn about the five common misperceptions that are related to data protection and how to account for them."

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Together We Stop at Nothing: The Partner Path to Growth
By Dell Technologies | 1/4/2022

The accelerated digital transformation of the past two years has led to our truly hybrid world. The role of partners is changing at an accelerated pace, and Dell is growing alongside in unison. Dell is making significant investment into compute and storage, and in as-a-Service models through Dell APEX. The Dell Channel Strategy Guide takes a comprehensive look into the partner opportunity in the new era of hybrid work and how you can take advantage.

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ESG: Enhanced Ransomware and Data Protection with Veeam and Pure Storage
By Veeam | 16/3/2022

Ransomware attackers have increased the frequency of their assaults —sometimes targeting the backup infrastructure itself. That’s where the combination of Veeam® software and Pure Storage can help. Together, they are delivering a fast, scalable, feature-rich solution for backup, recovery and ransomware prevention and remediation.

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