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In-house Backups vs Outsourcing
By Corporate Backup | 1/8/2014

When the very definition of being a managed service provider encompasses an almost endless number of potential jobs, it can be difficult for business owners to draw the line that dictates how far the skills and resources of their staff can take the business. The ultimate ending scenario is a business that is ‘a jack of all trades, master of none’ and fades away into obscurity. This is not to be confused with lacking the high level skills to do brilliant work, it simply means that there is not enough time available for engineers to focus on their jobs and perform the core operations to the best of their abilities. Some business owners would argue that as competition becomes increasingly fierce, they need to diversify the product portfolio. This is neither true nor false, but simply ‘adding services’ means that the business will fall victim to the law of diminishing returns (assuming number of staff and billable hours and all other factors remain equal)

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