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MBSI Whitepaper 2010 Enabling Business Intelligence for Everyone
By Microsoft | 17/6/2010

Enabling Business Intelligence for Everyone From boardroom executives to frontline operation managers, the uncertain economy has highlighted the necessity—and the benefits—of making informed decisions. To cut costs, streamline operations, and fuel continual process improvements, employees must be empowered to make better decisions at every level in the organization. Critical business data needs to be accessible to all employees, so that they can perform their own analyses and freely share insights with team members. With access to relevant data, employees can find opportunities to operate more efficiently and grow revenues, so the company can emerge stronger from any economic environment.

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Achieving Cost and Resource Savings with Unified Communications
By Microsoft | 3/6/2010

This whitepaper looks into how organisations can reduce out-of-pocket operational costs, consolidate infrastructure and improve staff productivity by investing in Microsoft’s unified communications platforms.

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Microsoft Anti-Piracy Infringement Alert
By Microsoft | 30/11/2009

The Microsoft Anti-Piracy Newsletter outlines what Microsoft is doing to protect your business from Software Piracy and highlights recent legal action taken against those who infringe our copyright.

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Personally Identifiable Information. “Personal Information” or “PII” means any information that can be used to identify, contact or locate a person. PII includes a person’s name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, or government-issued ID numbers, financial information, and account numbers. PII also includes information associated or combined with PII (such as a personal profile, unique identifier, biometric information, or IP address). If Company makes a list of leads, including PII, available to Microsoft, Company will ensure, to the best of its knowledge and ability, it has complied with all legal requirements and industry standards for privacy protection in connection with such list. These requirements include providing the appropriate notices and obtaining necessary consent to share the list with Microsoft, and for Microsoft to receive and use PII for the purposes of contacting individuals about products, services, events, or offers. Company will ensure that the provision of the list to Microsoft will not violate any agreement or obligation between Company and a third party.