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ESG: Three Key Solutions from HPE and Veeam
By Veeam | 14/3/2022

"Data is at the heart of everything we do. Ensure your data is always on and always protected, and that your enterprise can rapidly recover in minutes. Our NEW “ESG Three Key Solutions” eBook provides insight on how to solve three areas of challenge and accelerate your digital transformation by addressing:

- How to rapidly recover your data - How to simplify data protection - Consumption‑based Cloud Data Management™ Read this NEW eBook to see how Veeam + HPE solutions are driving towards a bigger truth."

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Data Protection as a Service
By Veeam | 11/3/2022

"1,050 organizations that currently or plan to use cloud-powered data protection services were surveyed to understand the drivers and considerations to using BaaS and DRaaS today and what role service providers play to support. · 77% of organizations expect to use the cloud as part of their data protection strategy by 2023. · 46% of organizations looking for BaaS are seeking cloud-hosted backup server services. Download the Data Protection as a Service for 2022 Executive Brief to learn more."

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5 Ways to Answer Customer Demand with Veeam
By Veeam | 4/3/2022

"In today’s highly competitive market, your customers are looking for the vendor that makes them feel their data is perfectly safe and protected, while also making their life easier.

Download this e-book and find out how Veeam can help you approach your customers’ needs to create and expand customer demand. Read more about:

- How to offer a trusted solution that can ease concerns of growing threats to data security. - How to offer the flexibility that your customers expect. - How to become your customers’ trusted advisor on backup and data management. - How to leverage the power of the ProPartner Network to expand your customer base."

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Why a Backup Strategy for Microsoft 365 is Essential for Security, Compliance, and Business Continuity | IDC and Veeam Research Paper
By Veeam | 18/8/2020

Download this research paper to learn how a backup strategy can protect your clients from compliance issues, data loss, security vulnerabilities, and business continuity risks.

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6 Critical Reasons for Office 365 Backup: The case for why organizations need to protect Office 365 data
By Veeam | 18/8/2020

Download this report to explore the hazards of not having an Office 365 backup in your arsenal, and why backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 fill the gap of long-term retention and data protection.

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Backup for Office 365 & Other Profitable Veeam Solutions for Service Providers
By Veeam | 18/8/2020

Download this eBook to explore 5 profitable ways you can grow your Managed Backup Services.

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eBook: 5 Profitable Ways MSPs Grow Managed Backup Services
By Veeam | 29/5/2020

Download this eBook to explore 5 effective ways you can grow your Backup and Disaster Recovery business and profits.

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