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Stories by Paul Krill

  • Microsoft pitches ESB alternative

    ESB (enterprise service bus) technology as a category of its own has been gaining increasing numbers of followers lately. Microsoft, however, isn't one of them, according to a position paper that the company recently published.

  • Sun completes SeeBeyond buy

    Having completed its acquisition of EAI vendor SeeBeyond, Sun Microsystems joins IBM, BEA Systems, Sonic Software, and others in seeking to become the vendor of choice in providing enterprises with integration tools to build SOAs.

  • JBoss looks to woo commercial app server users

    JBoss on Tuesday will boost efforts to lure users of commercial application servers to its open source alternative. The JBoss Migration Program being unveiled features an assessment to define a migration strategy, an implementation program, and a subscription to the JBoss Application Server. The implementation program could involve partners such as Hewlett-Packard.

  • HP exec decries open source license spread

    Decrying the proliferation of open source license varieties, a Hewlett-Packard executive on Tuesday urged IBM and Sun Microsystems to abandon their own licenses and back the GNU GPL (General Public License).

  • Sun plans to make all its software free

    Sun Microsystems president and COO Jonathan Schwartz on Thursday cited the company's plans to eventually offer all of its software for free as a way to build communities around its technologies.

  • Interoperability frustrations aired

    Interoperability between Java and Microsoft .Net systems remains very much a work in progress, if discussions at JavaOne on Wednesday were any indication.