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5 Cyberthreats that Slip Past Traditional Antivirus
By SolarWinds MSP | 17/7/2020

Many traditional antivirus (AV) programs operate on signatures—as malicious software is discovered, a signature describing the file is generated, added to a database, then the database gets pushed out to the customer base.

Signature-based AV solutions can have a hard time keeping up with this volume, often leaving devices vulnerable. Over time, we have seen the rise of new defenses; however, each defense triggers a corresponding change in tactics from the bad guys. These changes include malware designed not just to exploit vulnerabilities, but to outwit an AV’s defenses. Here are 5 types of attacks that slip past traditional antivirus.

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Managing Technicians in an MSP Business for Profitability
By SolarWinds MSP | 17/9/2018

When running a managed service provider (MSP) business, the single largest part of the overall costs of doing business is the technicians that support your end customer – from straight salary and benefits, to training, transportation and managing the collection of their time, through to billing the customer. In this series of whitepapers, Karl Palachuk goes through the elements that you need to take into account to best manage your technicians’ time. This includes everything from how to structure their day and their priorities, to tracking their efforts to ensure that your business is being run in the most productive manner – ultimately driving the most profitability.

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eBOOK | Think Like a Cybercriminal
By SolarWinds MSP | 7/9/2018

Cybercriminals are a diverse lot, yet you can spot some patterns and motives across the group. For victims, be they businesses or individuals, the outcome of an encounter can usually be quantified—some sort of loss has occurred. From here, you can start to understand the cybercriminal’s motives. The degree of loss can suggest the motive and operating capability of the cybercriminal, but the type of attack must also be considered.

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SolarWinds Backup - The Cloud-first Backup and Recovery Solution
By SolarWinds MSP | 11/5/2018

Discover how simple backup can be with SolarWinds Backup, the cloud-first service trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

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Managed Services Pricing Guide 2.0 - Industry Best Practices
By SolarWinds MSP | 24/4/2018

For the IT Service Provider: This document provides an overview of Managed Services and a proven strategy for moving away from break-fix hourly service rates to a predictable, profitable managed services business model.

For the Managed Service Provider: This document provides an overview of how SolarWinds MSP has priced and packaged its Remote Monitoring and Management software (RMM) and how our business support, automation tools and free monitoring licenses can help you take your business to the next level.

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Security as a Service: How Australian businesses can combat the top security threats of 2018
By SolarWinds MSP | 13/11/2017

Keeping data safe is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. For IT partners, the business opportunity around security is lucrative, but can also be labour intensive, putting pressure on margins.

The key to managing the ever-increasing number of threats while keeping costs down is to understand the top threat categories and software tools that automate the processes to protect against them.

This whitepaper presents SolarWinds MSP’s key insights around current Australian security threat landscape and with customer insights from Sydney based MSP, ASI Solutions.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Trial SolarWinds® MSP Remote Monitoring & Management Tools
By SolarWinds MSP | 27/7/2017

As an IT professional, you have way too much to worry about on a daily basis.

SolarWinds® MSP Remote Monitoring & Management simplifies your life by helping you automate tasks, provide near-bulletproof IT security, and keep track of all of your IT assets from a single web-based dashboard.

It gives you:

- Near real-time monitoring and maintenance across platforms and devices

- Drag-and-drop automation and scripting

- Patch management

- Remote access

- Managed antivirus

- Web protection

- Online backup and recovery

- Asset and inventory tracking

- Prescriptive analytics that help you prevent IT issues

It's Easy to Get Started:

- No credit card details required

- Login info sent directly to you via email

- Technical support is available during the trial to get you started


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Case Study | Protecting customers' data with all-in-one solution from Solarwinds MSP
By SolarWinds MSP | 16/2/2017

In this case study, BITS Group explains how it utilises scalable solutions from Solarwinds MSP to protect their customers' data and to resolve critical issues as soon as they arise.

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How to Plan For Disaster Recovery
By SolarWinds MSP | 10/11/2016

Although no prevention method is 100% fool proof, risk avoidance and taking proactive measures for preparedness are essential elements of the disaster recovery process. Still despite all the measures you take to avoid a disaster, you must assume that a disaster will happen. Having this mind-set will help shape your decisions when it comes to planning for IT disaster recovery.

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How to Sell Disaster Recovery
By SolarWinds MSP | 10/11/2016

Think of selling disaster recovery like selling insurance. You are trying to get a customer to give you money just in case something goes wrong. It’s just like car insurance, no one says to themselves, “I sure am glad I give hundreds of dollars a month to my insurance company!” That is until they get into an accident. Likewise your customers know it’s possible that data, applications, and systems can corrupt or fail, leaving their business partially or completely inoperative. They realize the need for disaster recovery and that everything must be protected. But how do you put the right price on disaster recovery services so that both of you are happy?

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